Letter to All WHS Alumni

Alumni Projects 

February 13, 2016

To All WHS Alumni,

We are pleased to be working with the new principal of Western High School, Joe Carmona. We are on the same page - working for the students.

Our number one priority is to continue providing eight $1,000.00 scholarships to WHS graduates.

We hope that in addition to all the social media available today you will use this website to funnel information to the school and interested alumni thru this site. We have published reunion events and included the registration form for some.

Remember, "with Pioneer spirit anything can be accomplished,” so let’s all work together towards the success of Western High School and especially to the students. Thank you.


Ron Flores

WHSPFAA President

The Western High School Pioneers Forever Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of WHS graduates dedicated to encouraging alumni involvement to aid current students through fundraising for scholarships and other school-related projects.

We have established this organization named the Western High School Pioneers Forever Alumni Association to:

  • To locate, track and communicate with all of the alumni to encourage their participation.
  • To provide scholarships to a minimum of two current graduating Western High School students each year. To follow the scholarship recipients progress and offer them additional scholarships after a yearly review. These additional scholarships are to be given out yearly for a maximum of three additional years. And, to work with Western High School officials to ensure that said scholarships are given fairly to worthy students.
  • To provide other unique projects for Western High School students. We will work with Western High School officials to accomplish these goals whenever possible.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Tax Deduction


  • Providing Eight Scholarships a Year
  • Provided a Permanent Memorial Plaque Honoring Our Fallen Heroes
  • Upcoming Brick Project to Pave an Area with Personalized Bricks for Alumni
  • Other Projects that Are Needed for the WHS and the Students

Western High School's Official Umbrella Alumni Association

501(c)(3) Nonprofit - IRS Tax Deduction

Mission Statement